6 Great Tech Gifts for Kids in 2023

Enjoy this selection of the best tech gifts for kids (boys and girls) for this year 2023.

Tech toys are a great gift for toddlers who are passionate about technology. They are products created and adapted according to different ages, to achieve progressive exposure to the digital culture that is educational at all times. 

Thus, we have made a list of the best technological gifts for boys and girls that will come in handy if an important date approaches, such as a birthday.

Recommended tech gifts for kids

1. VTech Genius Master Laptop (5-9 years)

The Genio Máster laptop is a bilingual children’s computer with a color screen that has a total of 180 activities: 90 in English, and 90 in another language, all adapted to the school curriculum for children from 5 to 9 years old. Activities cover a wide range of topics, including language, math, science, geography, and animals.

Vtech Genio Master Bilingual pc

The computer is one of the tech gifts for kids as it helps reinforce basic math skills, such as addition, subtraction, and odd and even numbers, and also includes geometry and introduction to computing activities. The activities are designed to improve children’s reading comprehension, vocabulary, and logical skills. 

The laptop has two levels of play and the activities are organized into eight activity keys that group them by category. In addition, the Master Genius includes the “My Journal” activity, which allows typing to familiarize themselves with qwerty keyboard typing.

2. SmartWatch DX2 KidiZoom (5-12 years)

The KidiZoom DX SmartWatch has been designed for boys and girls; It is the ideal tech gift for kids and the smallest members of the family. One of its main features is the two integrated cameras that allow you to capture photos and videos, as well as take selfies. It also includes tools to retouch photos with fun effects. 

VTech Kidizoom Smart Watch

The smartwatch has 3 dancing and jumping activities, as well as 6 observation and speed games that will help improve the child’s intelligence level.

It includes a personal trainer function with a pedometer for exercise, as well as adult-like applications such as a calculator, calendar, alarm clock, settings, and analog and digital clocks. The Kidizoom Smart Watch DX2 is a great option for children who enjoy photography and gaming. Plus, it has a touch screen and fun motion-activated sound effects. It exists in different colors.

3. Nintendo Switch (from 7 years)

The Nintendo Switch console could not be missing from the list of best gifts for kids, both boys, and girls. This console has been the leader in sales in recent years and it is not surprising. This hybrid console combines the power of a home console with the mobility of a portable console. 

With it, it is possible to play anywhere, either by connecting it to the television, in desktop mode, sharing the screen with a friend, or in portable mode, always with the same gaming experience as on a big screen, but on the hands.

It has the option of local multiplayer, connecting up to eight consoles for multiplayer games, and online multiplayer by subscribing to the Nintendo Switch online service. A gift, synonymous with fun for the little ones and not-so-little ones in the house.

4. Electronic musical instruments (from 3 years old)

Homcom Children's Electronic Piano
Homcom Children’s Electronic Piano 37 Keys with Microphone

Music and technology always go hand in hand. There are endless options for electronic music toys for toddlers: electric guitars, drum kits, or keyboards. With them, it is possible to have fun, learn to play an instrument, and also learn about rhythm and music.

We highlight the Homcom piano, with a built-in microphone, which has 22 pre-installed songs and multiple functions, with illuminated keys to easily learn new songs. For those who like to sing, there are several microphone options: speaker microphones, with a built-in player, or with an integrated light.

5. VTech Kidizoom DX children’s camera (3-12 years)

The VTech Kidizoom camera is an incredibly fun and versatile gift to start introducing the little ones to the world of photography and videography. With its 10 functions, this camera is much more than just a device for taking photos and recording videos: it includes headphones to listen to music, has integrated games, and allows you to edit collages or use fantasy effects to make your photos more fun.

VTech Kidizoom camera

This camera is shock and drop resistant, making it ideal for boys and girls to explore. Thanks to its robust design, it is possible to take it anywhere and be sure that it will not be easily damaged. It also features a micro SD card slot, allowing you to expand the memory to store photos and videos. In addition, it is multilingual: it is possible to use it in several languages, including English, Greek, Spanish, French, and Dutch.

The connected bracelet for children

The daily life of children makes less and less room for physical activity: smartphones, series, and consoles make exercise rarer. However, the use of a connected bracelet can reverse the trend: these smart bracelets allow children to do more movement while having fun. 

If their step-counting function is already popular with children, the pairing function with a friend’s watch will allow them to launch real challenges. For parents, it is essential to follow the health and progress of their child in terms of physical activity.

A connected bracelet for children to select with care

If you want to find a connected bracelet for children, note that this high-tech object must meet some specific criteria to be suitable for the youngest. First of all, it is advisable to choose a model that is resistant to scratches and shocks, but also waterproof. Then the battery life should be sufficient. 

Finally, as one of the ideal tech gifts for kids, it is important that the bracelet has a cool design! The connected bracelet is an ideal companion for children, in addition to a source of physical motivation in everyday life. If you haven’t already, this is arguably the best gift idea that’s both fun and useful.

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